Hi Everyone. My name is Tiffany Au and I am from New York City. I am an accountant by trade but have always used crafting as an creative outlet. I have gone through different crafting stages in my life from crocheting, french beading, origami to knitting and finally discover the wonderful world of card making in 2015.ย  Looking back, some of my first cards were very flat and was definitely made by an amateur but with the help of some crafty friends and Instagram I finally realized handmade cards don’t have to all end up ‘feeling’ the same. With that revelation, I came up with the designs for a working Candy Machine card and that started my affinity for interactive cards.

Most of my interactive cards ideas come to me first as a finish product. Meaning, I know what I want it the card to do but will need to figure out the mechanic’s using only paper crafting supplies and what I have learning from binge watching “How Its Made” on the science channel :D. That show have been my greatest source of inspiration.